Our Values

Team Players

Everybody talks about it, but how many general contractors really have a reputation as a TEAM PLAYER? We do more than talk. At Republic Construction, we place as much emphasis on our responsibilities to the rest of the project team as we do on our own bottom line. We believe every team member’s success is the result of top performance by the entire team. It is a simple philosophy and if we all subscribe to it…we are all winners!

Committed to Results

A history of service to public agencies, private clients and the development and design community, coupled with a commitment to providing the highest level of quality service, cost sensitive estimating and knowledge, sets Republic Construction apart from the competition.


Republic has found a better way to build. We have developed a standardized way to organize and run projects. It starts with communication and complete transparency. We have designed and implemented a reporting and full disclosure based project approach. Through our investment in ever changing technology, we are able to quickly communicate and manage work flow without typical project delays.

We manage each project with a seamless approach based upon real time communication and issue management. We are completely transparent in all aspects of information on your project.