1200 Corporate Place Ste 201 – Tenant Improvement


Bid Due Date: Friday, February 26th 2016 @ 4:00pm

Project: Proposed Interior Renovations for Suite-201
1200 Corporate Place, Boca Raton, FL

Project Location: 1200 N. Federal Highway, Suite-201
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Project Description: 1. Interior improvements for a 5,116 s.f. space for
commercial business use.

Special instructions: Contact us to arrange site visit.

Bids & Questions Submitted to: [email protected] Fx. (561)634-2806 Ph. (561)900-2487

Bid Documents:
obtained as follows:
Download Directly from Website Below with link at: 1200 Corporate Place Suite 201
Plans also available Via Dropbox at: 1200 Corporate Place Plans via Dropbox


A-000 Cover Sheet_Permit Set_02_10_2016
A-001 General Notes and Code Summary_Permit Set_02_03_2016
A-002 Life Safety Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016
A-100 Demolition Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016
A-101 Floor Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016
A-102 Reflected Ceiling Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016
A-103 Finish Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016
A-400 Door and Finish Schedules_Permit Set_02_03_2016
A-500 Wall Types_Permit Set_02_03_2016
A-600 Details_Permit Set_02_03_2016
E-1 Electrical Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016
E-2 Electrical Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016
M-1 Mechanical Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016
P-1 Plumbing Plan_Permit Set_02_03_2016

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